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Ashbourne is one of many private sixth form colleges in London, specialising in pre-university education at A level and GCSE. Following the university ethos, the college combines informality and an adult approach to education, at both A level and GCSE, with a disciplined system where each student's work is carefully monitored.

It aims to establish strong academic foundations, achieve outstanding examination results and engender a mature and independent attitude vital for taking advantage of life's opportunities.

A Level Colleges in London

Founded in 1981, Ashbourne independent (private) sixth form college is situated in the very heart of Kensington, London. The college is fully co-educational and considers its primary strength to be its small size, coupled with its friendly and caring approach. No student is allowed to become lost in the crowd.

All courses, whether at A level or GCSE, are organised around a tutorial system in teaching groups of no more than 10 students. This enables tutors to engage directly with each individual.

No assumptions are made about a student's previous knowledge, and understanding is established in a step-by-step manner. The teaching style aims to be positive, encouraging and sympathetic to the challenges which students encounter.

"As a result of an outstanding curriculum and outstanding teaching the students make outstanding progress" - Ashbourne College Ofsted Report 2010

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One of The Best Private A Level Colleges in London

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Many A-Level students in London find Law an attractive option, with institutions unable to fulfil demand as a result of being over-subscribed. Glamorous portrayals in TV and film may have helped to create a certain perception of careers in law, but many students recognise Law to be a good foundation for different career paths and are drawn to it for this reason.

A Levels per se advertise few of these virtues and are less ambitious and prescriptive in their outlook. Allowing students to select four subjects (reducing typically to three in the second year) from a choice of over 30, A Levels offer students the freedom not just to choose the subjects that appeal but crucially to avoid the subjects that repel.


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