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A Levels
Ashbourne Sixth Form College in London

Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form College in London offers two year, 18 month and a one-year intensive A levels, providing a wide range of subject choices. These programmes are overseen by the Director of Studies, Lee Kirby, who is ably assisted by James Wykes and Rob Kocho.

 Ashbourne is a private A Level college in London, beautifully situated near Kensington Gardens.

Students will find the atmosphere slightly different to more traditional schools. There is no requirement to wear uniform and many teachers prefer to be addressed on a first name basis. Despite the informal atmosphere, Ashbourne's A level programme is an environment for dedicated learning. Poor behaviour or a failure to comply with simple rules is not tolerated and any students who fail to accept the standards of behaviour and effort will be asked to leave the college. Ashbourne is therefore able to engender a positive learning environment in which students can grow in confidence and achieve their true potential. The class size for formal subjects rarely exceeds ten. AS students should expect to receive six hours per subject per week, though if there are fewer than three students per subject, this is reduced to four hours. A2 students will receive the same hour allocation for A2 material as their AS counterparts, but will also receive an additional two hours per subject per week to cover AS material, if they require resits.

"Most students make rapid progress, partly as a result of their tuition, and also because of the friendly way the students mix and chat to each other."

Ashbourne College Ofsted Report 2010

Ashbourne A level students are usually from a variety of nationalities. The college's September intake consists of over 25 different nationalities and around half of the students are British.

Attendance is strictly monitored and any behavioural issues are communicated on a regular basis to parents. Parents will receive reports from tutors every half term, which will involve test results from mock examinations set within each subject. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with members of the teaching staff twice each year, after the Autumn and Spring half term breaks.

The college aims for Ashbourne students to obtain a place at a top UK university after completion of the A level programme.

Head of A Level

Lee Kirby Head of A Levels Ashbourne College After living and working abroad, Lee has been instrumental in the development of the college's information systems and databases.
He is a qualified FA coach and has played semi-professionally and professionally in the UK and Vietnam. Lee has had basic training as a counselor, which has had a significant impact on the pastoral support for students at the college.

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