Ashbourne Medical School Program Timetable

Ashbourne starts preparing its students from the beginning of year 12 due to the fact Medicine is so competitive. Indeed, students meet weekly with Amy in order for them to gather more information about every aspect of the medical application. Below is an example of the AMSP timetable:



What’s being covered

1 An introduction to the AMSP – creating a timeline for the application process.
2 Looking over the applications of previous Ashbourne students who have successfully secured places for medicine. What was special about their application?
3 Looking at the entry requirements and teaching styles for different medical schools. Beginning to think about your 5 choices.
4 The BMAT and UKAT – structure of the tests and past paper practice
5 How to secure a work experience/volunteer placement. Students will practice writing letters/emails to prospective places.
6 Medical ethics – how to debate
7 The Interview – comparing the traditional approach with MMI’s (multiple mini interviews). Looking at different MMI scenarios
8 Section 3 of the BMAT: writing the all-important essay. This is where students will look at past essays and critique them.   They will then attempt their own.
9 Sections 1 & 2 of the BMAT practice. Students are provided with a book full of question. Amy talks them through strategies of how to answer them.