London is a multicultural city. It is possible to sample food from almost every country in the world here. You can eat nachos, tapas, balti, bhajis, pizza, pasta and sushi. It is even possible to find traditional English food.

In London, as a whole, increasing numbers of bars, café’s and restaurants belong to chains. The ubiquitous McDonalds, Starbucks and Pizza Hut are obvious examples. Other popular chains include: Yo Sushi, the branch at 52 Poland Street has robot service and what is claimed to be the longest conveyer belt service in the world; Belgo Centraal, a Belgian theme restaurant famous for mussels and chips and Le Strada and La Porcetta, authentic looking, inexpensive Italian restaurants. These types of eateries proliferate in the areas around Covent Garden and the Strand.

There are also many independent establishments. The area known as Chinatown can be found on Gerrard Street and Lisle Street, which run parallel to one another. There is a wide choice of oriental food here as well as herbal and medicine shops. In Little Italy, located in neighbouring Soho, one can find a range of Italian restaurants.

For those with unlimited budgets there is also plenty of choice.