Ashbourne College Student Newsletter – September 2nd 2013

May 11, 2015

Good afternoon and welcome (back) to Ashbourne!We hope you had a great summer, and are all looking forward to the start of this new year :-)

Start of the term

We have no doubt that you all know the date; this is just a reminder: The first day of the Autumn term is Monday 9th September. Don’t forget to bring your books, pens, and enthusiasm!.

University of London Information Days

The University of London Information Days are now just a little over 2 weeks away and so we wanted to remind you of the opportunity to pre-register now and find out more. Full details of all the colleges and institutes participating can be found on the event website.Information Days

The Talks Booking System is also now live. When you pre-register you will be sent a confirmation email containing the link and log-in details to the Talks Booking System to pre-book talks in advance. Over the course of the two days, the participating colleges will be giving 25 minute talks on many of the subjects they have on offer as well as more general information about studying at that college and life on campus. They also have a few generic talks on Studying in London and How to Complete a UCAS Form.

In addition there are also some tours of a few of the colleges on 10 & 11 September. Details of the tours are now available on Information Days

University Open Days

Follow the link to find out about this month’s University Open Days Open Days September 2013” might help you make a decision!

That’s all for this week, look out for more in the next Ashbourne Newsletter!!