Ashbourne College Student Newsletter – November 26th 2013

May 11, 2015

Hello dear Ashers!
We hope everything is going well for you :)

Gap Medics February Placements
Most of you don’t plan anything in their February half term break. So instead of playing on the latest game release or staring at your social networks news feed, why not do something different? Visit another country, meet new people, try new food, experience a new culture and ultimately have the time of your life! (While gaining some valuable medical experience!).

If you are interested in shadowing a medical professional, traveling overseas, observing operations, and much more, visit

3 Weeks to go until the Revue!

Fancy sharing your poetry, your humor, your voice, or any other talent of yours with the whole school? If so, hurry up and sign up for the revue, any act is welcome! You will find sign-up sheets in the library and the common rooms.

And if you just feel like enjoying the evening in the audience, come a get your ticket (£10) in reception from this Thursday 28th. Make sure to get one, as places will go quickly!

Mock Week

The first Mock Exams Week of the year has arrived! So from this week until the 6th December, make sure to know when your next mock will take place, get prepared, and don’t miss classes!

Movember is not over yet, there is still one week to go!

And our Mo-team are still sporting their facial hair (natural or knitted) with pride, so don’t forget them!
1. Donating online at: Writing a cheque to ‘Movember Europe’, referencing my registration ID: 2677818 and mailing it to: Movember Europe, PO Box 68600, London, EC1P 1EF 3. By putting some lose change into the box on the front desk at Old Court Place

That’s all for this week, look out for more in the next Ashbourne Newsletter!!