Candidate Late Arrival and Absence Policy (examinations)

1. Candidates who do not arrive at the examination hall for the beginning of the examination

The College will follow this procedure:

  • The Examination Officer will ensure that the candidate is contacted first by telephone and then by email;
  • If the candidate has been contacted, the College will then follow the procedures as outlined in sections 2 to 4 in this policy;
  • If the candidate cannot be contacted, the College will contact other related key contacts by telephone and then by email;
  • Once the first hour of the examination has passed, the candidate will be marked as absent and the candidate will be sent an email to confirm this.

2. Candidates who arrive late

  • Candidates who are running late for their exam should call the College as soon as possible to advise why they are late and their expected time of arrival. This message will be relayed to the Examination Officer by the Operations Team as quickly as possible.
  • All candidates who arrive late should report directly to reception of the building where the examination is to take place.

JCQ regulations state that: “A candidate who arrives after the start of the examination may be allowed to enter the examination room and sit the examination. This is entirely at the discretion of the centre.

A candidate who arrives after the start of the examination should be allowed the full time for the examination, depending on the centre’s organisational arrangements and provided that adequate supervision arrangements are in place.”

  • At Ashbourne, we will normally allow late candidates into the exam room to sit the examination. The candidate will be given the full time allowed for the exam, however the candidate will be warned that the exam board may not accept their work. The late candidate’s new start and finish times will be written clearly by an invigilator on the white board at the front of the exam room.
  • The Examination Officer will ensure that invigilation supervision is in place for the duration of the candidate’s exam.

3. Very Late Candidates

  • JCQ regulations state that a candidate will be considered very late if they arrive more than one hour after the published starting time for an examination which lasts one hour or more, i.e. after 10.00am for a morning examination or after 2.30pm for an afternoon examination (JCQ Published Start Times are 9am and 1.30pm).
  • For examinations that last less than one hour, a candidate will be considered very late if they arrive after the awarding body’s published finishing time for the examination.
  • Where the College has been informed that a candidate is going to arrive “very late” for an exam, the parent/carer will be advised by the Examination Officer as quickly as possible to keep the candidate under supervision at all times until the candidates has been handed over to a member of centre staff.
  • Parents/Carers will also be instructed to:
    1. Immediately take away any internet-enabled devices (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, smart watch, laptop, PC etc.)
    2. If possible, personally drive or escort the candidate from home to school, using a private vehicle or taxi and avoiding public transport
    3. Ensure that the candidate is fully supervised as early as possible and preferably from the published starting time of the exam, until the candidate is handed over to a member of staff at the school reception
  • The parent/carer should make a written note of what time the candidate is supervised from.
  • Both the candidate and the parent/carer who has supervised them will be asked to send an email confirming that the above measures have been put in place. The parent/carer and the candidate will also be asked to provide details of the time the candidate was supervised from and by whom, and the reason for the candidate’s late arrival.
  • It may not be able to fully apply the above procedure where a candidate arrives at school by taxi.
  • The Examination Officer will consider each case on an individual basis to determine whether the security of the examination has been compromised and will make a decision as to whether the candidate may sit the examination. This decision must be made in consultation with the Director of Studies.

4. After the exam

  • In compliance with JCQ regulations, the centre will send the script to the awarding body in the normal way.
  • In addition, Examination Officer must complete Form JCQ/VLA – report on candidate admitted very late to examination room within seven days of the examination having taken place. The following information will be provided:
    1. The reason the candidate arrived late, including details of any special arrangements made for the candidate to reach the centre
    2. The scheduled starting and finishing times of the examination
    3. The time the candidate started the examination
    4. The time the candidate finished the examination
  • The awarding body will consider each case individually in light of statements from the parent/carer, the candidate and the centre. Candidates and their parents/carers should be warned that the awarding body may not accept their work.
  • JCQ regulations state that: “When deciding whether to accept any of the work done by a candidate who arrives very late, the awarding body will pay particular attention to how far it can be sure that the security of the examination has been maintained. Given that candidates may have left the examination room one hour after the awarding body’s published starting time, the awarding body is unlikely to be able to accept the work of very late candidates unless they have been adequately supervised.”

Where a candidate persistently arrives late for an exam, the Examination Officer will liaise with the Director of Studies who will speak to the candidate and to the parents/carers to determine the reasons and to follow up accordingly.

Authorised by The Principal
Date September 2020
Effective date of the policy September 2020
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / students on request
Review date September 2021