Intruder Policy

For the protection of staff and students.

The Reception team are often in contact with non Ashbourne Personnel which could include external companies, delivery drivers, prospective students and family etc. They are the first barrier to confront anyone entering the school. However, in the instance a non Ashbourne person, or student who has been suspended from the premises, enters the property and refuses to adhere to school policy (Sign in, supply identification or listen to reception staff) there must be steps reception staff take to control the situation, without putting themselves in a position where they feel vulnerable or threatened. Ashbourne is committed to ensuring staff;

    • Are educated and trained in personal safety at work, to better understand how to;
        • – Prevent confrontations escalating and becoming aggressive or violent.


        • – Learn how to carry out dynamic risk assessments.


        • – Raise awareness and avoid becoming a victim when working alone.


        • – Interpret the Law in relation to personal risk.


      • – Recognise warning and danger signs exhibited that precede an attack.
      • Can call for back up in a subtle way that doesn’t provoke unwanted confrontation by utilising a four stage escalation plan, depending on severity.

    1) Front desk confrontation – In a situation where a stranger walks into Ashbourne approaches the front desk and is prepared to cooperate, the usual compliance procedures apply.

2) A subtle direct call for backup – If the intruder will not cooperate with, or listen to the staff member on front desk, they can subtly call the buildings staffroom. Ashbourne has a pre agreed system for this.

3) A subtle indirect call for backup – If a situation looks to be escalating further, staff could use the preinstalled bodet lockdown alarm software to play a melody out of the speakers using button three on the device. If this is heard by staff members they should go to front desk to support.

4) Lockdown – If the intruder becomes violent upon confrontation and seems that they could pose a real physical threat, a lockdown should be implemented.

For full details on a lockdown scenario please refer to the Ashbourne College Lockdown Policy

    • Understand that they are not obligated to confront a stranger alone and encouraged to have backup on hand.

A debrief meeting is held after any instance of an intruder on the premises between the health and safety Officer, Deputy Health and Safety Officers, DSL and any case relevant member of the Ashbourne community.

Authorised by The Principal
Date June 2018
Effective date of the policy June 2018
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request
Review date September 2019