Lockdown Policy

Ashbourne College implements this policy as a reactive procedure in the unlikely occurrence the school needs to be shut down and made inaccessible from the outside or evacuated completely, ensuring the safety of all pupils and staff.

Lockdown procedures may be activated in response to any number of situations, but some of the more typical might be:

  • A reported incident / civil disturbance in the local community (with the potential to pose a risk to staff and pupils in the school);
  • An intruder on the college site (with the potential to pose a risk to staff and pupils); Please review the Ashbourne College intruder policy for more information on intruders on the premises
  • A warning being received regarding a risk locally, of air pollution (smoke plume, gas cloud etc.)
  • A major fire in the vicinity of the college;
  • The close proximity of a dangerous animal roaming loose.

If an emergency occurs during the day, to raise the alarm call the main number 020 7937 3858 or 221 internally and ask them to contact the relevant reception to trigger the lockdown alarm which sounds different to our fire alarm bell. It can be heard by following the link below:

Ashbourne College Lockdown Alarm

Lockdown drills and preparation

Lockdown Drills are held once a year at each premises in the first term. They comprise of an alarm test and a complete lockdown of the school.
Lockdown drills are logged and followed by a meeting between the Health and Safety Officer and Deputy Health and Safety Officers.

Lockdown Marshals

Lockdown Marshals have received internal training with regards to procedures in the event of a Lockdown.
At each building there are three designated Lead Lockdown Marshals. The Lead Lockdown Marshals for each premises are as follows:

Old Could Place Young Street  Kensington Court 
1. Marcus Loudon 1. Marta Dongresova 1. Cassandra Denton
2. Chris Mutter 2. Rupert Browett 2. Fabio Carpene
3.  Kathleen McCullough 3. Alberto Lado Rey 3. Tim Cooke

Responsibilities in the event of a Lockdown

Teaching Staff:
  • Liaise with Lockdown Marshals where applicable
  • Blinds should be lowered/closed and students asked to sit under the desks or out of sight of windows and doors;
  • Keep students calm;
  • Staff and pupils remain in lockdown until it has been lifted by a senior member of staff / emergency services;
  • Any students in the corridor, immediately call them into your room
  • Please ensure that you barricade the door with furniture;
  • Access your Ashbourne e-mail accounts and await further instruction;
Lockdown Marshals:
  • Bring pupils who are outside of the school buildings inside as quickly as possible;
  • Ensure those inside the college should remain in their rooms;
  • Check corridors for students that are out of lessons. Any students in the corridor, immediately call them into your room
  • All internal doors to be locked.
  • External doors locked where possible and if safe to do so;
  • If necessary, parents will be notified as soon as it is practicable to do so via Parent Portal or email.
  • Do not release students to parents during a lockdown;
  • During the lockdown, keep agreed lines of communication open;
  • A debrief meeting is held after each Lockdown drill/evacuation with the Lockdown Marshals and an email is sent to all staff summarising. This meeting may also lead to a discussion held with members of the Ashbourne community that didn’t follow the procedures of an evacuation and notes of this meeting stored in the Meetings database.

Lockdown evacuation alarm

In the event of a lockdown evacuation normal evacuation procedures apply, unless otherwise instructed by the Police or a Lead Lockdown Marshal.

Authorised by The Principal
Date June 2018
Effective date of the policy June 2018
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request
Review date September 2019