Mathematics Policy

A level Mathematics

Exam board: Edexcel

A level Mathematics has 6 modules, four of which are compulsory modules (Core – C1, C2, C3 and C4). The optional units are called application units. These units can either be Mechanics (M1, M2), Statistics (S1, S2) or Decision (D1, D2). We do not teach D2 (students are permitted to take the examination without lessons).

The exam board permits students to take the following pairs of application units, (M1, M2), (M1, S1), (S1, S2), (D1, M1) and (D1, S1). Students are not permitted to take the following pairs (M1, D2), (S1, D2), (S1, M2) and (M1, S2).

Students joining Ashbourne on a two year A’ level programme will take C1, C2, M1 and S1 in Year 12. We believe that C3 and C4 are far more difficult modules and students should spend Year 13 focusing on these modules. 18 month A level students are likely to only take three units during Year 12 due to timetable restrictions.

Where students wish to discontinue an application unit in Year 12, we will allow them to take an additional application unit in Year 13. In general we don’t allow Year 12 students to take D1, M2 or S2 unless they also study Further Mathematics.

To obtain an A* the candidate must have the following:

  • At least 480 marks for all 6 units.
  • At least 180 marks for C3 and C4.

C1 and C2 are compulsory modules for AS Mathematics. Ashbourne students can choose between M1 or S1 for the third unit.

As a general rule, students who are more suited to Physics are likely to find Mechanics easier than Statistics and students that are more suited to Finance/Economics are more likely to find Statistics easier than Mechanics.

Year 12 students will generally have 4 hours per week for C1 and C2, 2 hours per week for M1 and 2 hours per week for S1. Year 13 students will have 2 hours per week for C3 and 2 hours per week for C4.

A level Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics has 6 modules. Compulsory modules are FP1 and either FP2 or FP3. The candidate can choose any other 4 modules that have not been taken for Mathematics and therefore students who are awarded certificates in both A’ level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics must have taken a minimum of 12 units in total. Please note that we do not offer S4, S5, M4, M5 and D2 teaching but students are allowed to sit the exam only for these units.

In general Ashbourne will allow Year 12 Further Mathematics students to complete A’ level Mathematics in one year alongside FP1. In Year 13 students will take the remaining 5 modules.

To obtain an A* the candidate must have the following:

  • At least 480 marks overall
  • At least 270 marks for any 3 modules (excluding: S1, M1, FP1, D1)

FP1 is compulsory for AS level Further Mathematics. Students are required to sit two additional units excluding C1-C4. Students who are awarded certificates in both A2 Mathematics and AS Further Mathematics must have taken a minimum of 9 units in total.

Ashbourne offers 2 hours per week per unit for Further Mathematics units, except for D1, which is allocated 1 hour per week.

Authorised by The Principal
Date June 2018
Effective date of the policy June 2018
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request
Review date September 2019