Remote Learning Policy

This policy relates to the use of online audio-visual facilities to conduct lessons (remote learning) as a direct response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In accordance with Local Authority guidance, Ashbourne will commence using audio-visual facilities to stream classes live to students with the aim of continuing this remote learning provision during lockdown and for students unable to attend due to circumstances relating to the pandemic.

Ashbourne has a duty of care to deliver the best quality education the College can reasonably deliver under these conditions and believes that an online audio-visual communication tool for learning is necessary to deliver high-quality lessons. However, in offering such provision we take very seriously the need to maintain the highest standards of safeguarding and risk management.

Therefore, in order to conduct online audio-visual lessons all staff and students must comply with the following:

  1. All lessons must be carried out during the normal timetable; no lessons outside of normal class hours.
  2. Teachers will update Ashbourne FileMaker to register student attendance.
  3. Lessons will be conducted using GoogleMeet – teachers may choose to use a number of additional tools to support students (e.g. GoogleDocs).
  4. Lessons will be by invitation. Only teachers will initiate and close lessons.
  5. The recording of lessons, unless agreed to by the teacher, is not permitted.
  6. Lessons should be conducted as though they were taking place at the College premises: students and staff are expected to maintain professional teaching standards, behaviour, attendance and attire.
  7. Ashbourne lanyards must be worn and visible and dress code maintained in line with College expectations for both students and staff at all times during the lessons.
  8. Teachers must ensure they conduct their audio-visual lessons from a suitable environment and take into consideration what background may appear in the video. No one else should be in the room whilst the lesson is taking place.
  9. Students must also make suitable arrangements to take their audio-visual lessons in an appropriate room; no one else should be in the room whilst the lesson is taking place, including parents.
  10. If a parent has concerns about any aspect of a lesson they should contact the College directly to discuss it and not raise issues during the lesson itself. All concerns and complaints are taken very seriously and will be dealt with in line with Ashbourne’s Communication and Complaint Policy where appropriate.
  11. Students will be able to use the audio and visual functions for their lessons, as advised by the local authority.
  12. One-to-one lessons and group-classified lessons with only one student will be carried out using audio and visual functions.
  13. Students and staff must turn off all notifications on their device used for lessons to avoid disruption, unsolicited pop-ups and exposure of personal data.
  14. Ashbourne will conduct spot monitoring of lessons to check compliance.

All members of the Ashbourne community will be briefed about these arrangements.

This Policy will be updated as events evolve. We very much appreciate everyone’s positive attitude so far during this challenging period.

If you have any concerns or queries please contact Lee Kirby, Director of Studies.


Authorised by The Principal
Date March 2020
Effective date of the policy March 2020
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request
Review date September 2020