Staff Acceptable Use Policy

This policy is to be read and understood by all new and current staff. The policy works in conjunction with Ashbourne College’s e-Safety policy.

1.0 Social Media – Staff must ensure that their personal social media accounts are kept separate from their students. Adding students as “Friends” on social media is prohibited, this includes “following” on sites and applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Ashbourne College strongly recommends staff keep their social media accounts protected and private. Ashbourne College strongly recommends staff do not add phrases such as “Works at Ashbourne College” to their personal social media accounts, and reserve this for professional accounts such as linkedin and other online professional networking tools.

2.0 Internet Access – Staff must respect the internet at Ashbourne and not access or attempt to access sites containing any of the following: pornography; child abuse; promoting racial or religious hatred or discrimination; anything tagged NSFW (Not Safe For Work); any other content that could be considered offensive or discriminative. Ashbourne recommends that staff use Google Chrome and install the adblock extension to protect from potentially damaging popups.

3.0 Staff Laptops – Staff issued with MacBooks are reminded that these remain school property and are not for personal use, nor are they a gift that may be sold or given away. The Facilities team may require them for hardware and software updates from time to time and ask that you cooperate at these times. Ashbourne also require that you do not delete the administrator account named “Ladmin” as it is imperative this remains on the computers in order the Facilities team can carry out upgrades and, when necessary, repairs. If you believe your laptop was stolen or is missing please notify the Facilities team immediately.

4.0 Printers – Ashbourne College is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and asks that staff only print when absolutely necessary in order to prevent waste. If misprints occur please properly recycle waste paper in the recycling bins provided.

5.0 Photocopiers – In the event of a problem with the photocopiers please inform a College Administrator. Please do not try and fix paper jams as this often results in further damage to the machines.

6.0 Email – All staff are issued with an Ashbourne email account upon joining the college, this includes unlimited Google Team Drive access. This email address and associated google add ons are not for personal use and staff will lose access to their account following their departure from the college. It is required that staff never use a personal account to communicate with students. Furthermore, email correspondence between teachers and students is recommended to be within school hours.

7.0 Mobile Phones – staff are naturally allowed to use their phones within the college but must not take photos of students, additionally, no staff should have students as contacts in their phone or vice versa. If this is necessary for trips then Ashbourne will provide an Ashbourne College trip phone, and will never ask staff to use their personal phones.

The safeguarding team have college mobile phones that they can be contacted on and the Personal Tutors may be given college mobile phones in future to improve communication with students.

8.0 Staff are reminded that the use of Ashbourne College’s email and computers are monitored.


Authorised by The Principal
Date June 2018
Effective date of the policy June 2018
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request
Review date September 2019