Suspension And Expulsion Policy

This policy applies to all students of Ashbourne College, including those in the Middle School as well as the Sixth Form.

Policy Aims: Ashbourne College is committed to the highest standards of tuition, safety and wellbeing for all of its students. We will do everything possible to see that the individual needs of students are met. However, if a student consistently refuses to obey the College rules, does not meet our academic expectations, or commits an act of unacceptable and egregious indiscipline it may be necessary to suspend or even exclude them from the College. Failure to meet academic expectations may include repeated unexplained or unacceptable absence, persistent poor punctuality, poor record of work submission or a failure to respond to measures put in place by the senior academic staff.

Sanctions: Personal Tutors may prescribe and authorise the use of such other sanctions as comply with good education practice and tend to promote observance of the Code of Conduct. For example, Personal Tutors may remove a student from class for a day to sit in the Library because of behavioural issues. A removal from class for a day is not a suspension. In such instances, students will sit in the OCP Library and continue working during their timetabled lessons. Parents will be notified of a removal from class when necessary.

Removal from class is a sanction often utilised for Middle School students, as they are required to be at College from 9am-4pm throughout the week. Middle School students may be removed from class due to disruption, failure to complete assigned homework or other behaviour issues. This sanction may be referred to as an “internal suspension” when dealing with students so they understand the importance of the action. However, removal from class is not a suspension as defined below.

Suspension: Suspensions and exclusions are wholly at the discretion of the Director of Studies and the Principal. They can be the result of a sustained period of poor behaviour or of level 2 or 3 offences as detailed in the Ashbourne Student Behaviour and Exclusions Policy.

If a student is suspended, parents and guardians will be contacted by telephone or email and within three days in writing with further details of the suspension and re-entry requirements. A meeting will be arranged with the Director of Studies to discuss the matter and make arrangements for the student to return. This will involve a set of clearly stated conditions that the student will have to adhere to in order to remain at the College.

Exclusion: Excluding students on a permanent basis is a highly regrettable decision and the College will do everything in its power to avoid such a serious measure. Exclusion can occur if the conditions of a suspension are not met, or may be the result of a single act. If an expulsion occurs, parents and guardians will be contacted immediately by telephone and within three days in writing.

Students should absolutely be aware that any serious act of verbal or physical aggression, gross insubordination, or any action which compromises the safety of Ashbourne personnel will result in their immediate removal from the College.

Appeals: Parents and Guardians have the right to appeal against an expulsion. If an appeal is made, parents will be invited into College for a provisional meeting with the Director of Studies to discuss the appeal. If they then wish to pursue the matter, a meeting with the Principal and the Director of Studies will be scheduled.

Parents should bear in mind that the grounds for appeal may only be that the College is incorrect in judging that a suspended or excluded student failed to fulfill the conditions imposed by the senior academic staff. These conditions may be imposed following a students’ return to the College after suspension or as a consequence of some other incident or disciplinary procedure.

Progression for Existing Students: Existing students who progress to the next year at Ashbourne are expected to be able gain a minimum grade requirement (specific to each year) and must also have a determination to reach their academic potential. Students are expected to follow Ashbourne’s Student Behaviour and Exclusions Policy throughout the year and any disciplinary action or violations of that Policy will be reviewed in determining progression into the next year. Students who have consistently not adhered to the College’s Student Behaviour and Exclusions Policy are likely to be asked to re-apply for entry into the next year. Violation of the Student Behaviour and Exclusions Policy and core Ashbourne rules can include but is not limited to: poor attendance (less than 85%), attending lessons late totalling over 250 minutes for the previous academic year, and/or a suspension. For further details regarding applying for progression and the requirements for each year group please see the following policies:

Entry to Year 12 for Existing Students Policy
Entry to Year 13 for Existing Students Policy

Authorised by The Principal
Date September 2020
Effective date of the policy September 2020
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request
Review date September 2021