Testing and Report Policy

Ashbourne teachers continually monitor and reassess the current Working Grades and Target Grades of students.

Students receive Mock Grades during the autumn and spring half term. These are typically derived from mock exams but can also be calculated through a combination of:

A. Mock Examinations
B. Coursework draft reviews
C. Practical assessments (e.g. for Art subjects)
D. A collection of homework assignments/essays

Ashbourne teachers aim to maximise students’ grade performance and therefore assessments will always take into consideration assessment objectives and/or past paper questions. Ashbourne teachers realise there is a significant difference between subject knowledge and knowledge required to obtaining examination marks under timed conditions.

Ashbourne will provide feedback to parents about student progress four times per year: October, December, February and March.

In the event that end-of-year assessments (e.g. GCSE, AS and A level examinations) do not take place Ashbourne students will receive a final half term (HT5) Mock Grade, determined from academic assessments from throughout the year.

Working Grade and Target Grade
Please refer to the Grades and Definitions document for a full description. In general the Working Grade will be the most important performance indicator for parents.

Report Writing and Communication to Parents
Tutors reports and feedback during parents’ evening should include the following:

1) Highlights of students positive achievements.
2) Identification of any areas of concern.
3) Clear instructions on how to improve upon areas of concern, for example using the SMART objective guide: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timeframe.

Entry into Year 12 and 13 at Ashbourne
A reminder that the following grades expectations are required for students to enter Year 12 and Year 13 respectively.

Year 11 to Year 12 – minimum 6Bs for GCSE examinations
Year 12 to Year 13 – minimum 3Cs for AS examinations

If you have any concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact Lee Kirby, Director of Studies.

Authorised byThe Principal
DateNovember 2019
Effective date of the policyNovember 2019
CirculationTeaching staff / all staff / parents / Students on request
Review dateSeptember 2020