A Level Further Maths

Ashbourne’s A level Further Maths Easter Revision courses run in morning or afternoon sessions over five days and are taught by a selection of Ashbourne tutors including Rupinder Dhillon, Abdul Sami, Pete Franklin and Barry Rhule. Students will benefit from excellent teaching, small groups sizes and individual attention, which is a key feature of the Easter Revision programme at Ashbourne.

What is covered in the Easter Revision course?

Ashbourne follows the Edexcel syllabus for A level Further Maths. We offer the modules below. Please consult the timetable to see when these modules run.

Further Trigonometry
Further calculus
Further differential equations
Coordinate systems
Further vectors
Further numerical methods

Further calculus
Further matrix algebra
Further complex numbers
Number theory
Further sequences and series

Discrete probability distributions
Poisson & binomial distributions
Geometric and negative binomial distributions
Hypothesis Testing
Central Limit Theorem
Chi Squared Tests
Probability generating functions

Linear Regression
Continuous probability distributions
Combinations of random variables
Estimation, confidence intervals and tests using a normal distribution
Other Hypothesis Tests and confidence intervals
Confidence intervals and tests using the t – distribution

Momentum and impulse
Work, energy and power
Elastic strings and springs and elastic energy
Elastic collisions in one dimension
Elastic collisions in two dimensions

Motion in a circle
Centres of mass of plane figures
Further centres of mass
Further dynamics
Further kinematics