GCSE Exam Results at Ashbourne College London

Ashbourne offers a one-year intensive GCSE programme. Students take five core subjects – Maths, Science, English Literature, English Language and a major European language – and a choice of optional subjects.

GCSE Results

GCSE performance table of comparative London Independent Schools for 2018, based on Department for Education figures, published 2019. GCSE exam previous results.

Number of candidates
% Grade 5 or better in English and Maths

Cardinal Vaughn



Ashbourne College



Chelsea Academy



Holland Park



Saint Thomas



Why Choose Ashbourne College?
During my three-year ride as an Asher, new doors opened up for me to a new world in which I found my true passion. It is encouraging independent learning while providing students with sufficient support when needed, along with its active, lively and friendly atmosphere that give Ashbourne its uniqueness. The location is great and adds to the liveliness of the atmosphere. As far as academia is concerned, the necessary platform for success in most subject areas one might be interested in is provided. The rest is up to the individual
KerryFrench and Management with a Year Abroad at Kings College London
Our daughter has surely improved her knowledge in the chosen subjects but also her ability in dealing with her everyday life
I see Ashbourne as a place which I feel comfortable to express myself and it creates an environment that encourages me to develop as a leader. I am constantly looking for ways to improve. I am determined to continue to develop myself and I know that this is made more attainable with Ashbourne’s fantastic support and encouragement. I am very lucky to find myself at Ashbourne. It is a truly remarkable place to work.
Dennis FulcherHead of Multi-Media and Social Science Faculty