One Year GCSEs/January start GCSEs in London at Ashbourne Sixth Form College

Ashbourne offers a one-year intensive GCSE programme, providing a wide range of subjects. Ashbourne will expect all GCSE students to take the following five core subjects; Maths, Science, English Literature, English Language, another major European language, PSHEE and Sports. Students will also have the opportunity to take other optional subjects such as; Art, Computing, Drama, Economics, Geography, History and Music.


The GCSE programme at Ashbourne is overseen by the Head of GCSE, Rupert Browett. Students should expect to participate in lessons from 9am to 4pm, which includes a one-hour lunch break from 1pm-2pm. As well as formal GCSE lessons, students will also participate in games for 2 hours per week, as well as PSHE for 2 hours per week.

Students will find the atmosphere slightly different to more traditional schools. There will be no need for school uniform and many teachers prefer to be addressed on a first name basis. Despite this less formal atmosphere, Ashbourne’s Middle School is an environment for learning. Poor behaviour or failure to comply with simple rules is simply not tolerated and any students who fail to accept the standards of behaviour and effort will quickly be asked to leave the College. We are therefore able to engender a positive learning environment in which students can grow in confidence and achieve their true potential. The class sizes for formal subjects, never exceed ten, and students should expect to receive four hours per subject per week (except for GCSE Science, 8 hours per week, and for any subject that has less than 3 students, 2 hours per week).

Ashbourne GCSE students are usually from a variety of nationalities. Our September intake consists of the following denominations; British, Italian, Kuwaiti, Nigerian, Bruneian and Vietnamese.

Attendance is strictly monitored and any behavioural issues are communicated on a regular basis to parents. Parents will receive reports from tutors every half term, which will involve test results from mock examinations set within each subject. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with members of the teaching staff, twice per year, after Autumn and Spring half term break.

Our aim for GCSE students, is for all of them to receive 5 A-C grades in order to participate onto our A level programme. Please note that unfortunately, apart from unusual circumstances, Ashbourne does not permit GCSE retakes.