Applying for a Student VISA in England

How does a student apply for their student visa?

Once the student has settled their school fees, Ashbourne will issue them with a CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Studies). This is not an actual document but a code that the student will need in order to apply for their visa. This code proves that Ashbourne has accepted the student and will sponsor their visa. When Ashbourne issues the CAS, it has to provide the UKBA with a list of the documents the student gave to us when the student applied. When submitting their application, the student will need to include the originals of these documents. Ashbourne will give the student a copy of the CAS form including a list of documents the student have provided to remind the student.

The student will then complete an application form for their visa. For many countries the student can apply online. The student will also need to send off a set of documents (such as bank documents, school documents and so on). Without these documents the student’s visa will be rejected, so even if they fill in an application form online, they still have to send off their documents.

What forms should the student complete?

The student will complete two forms; one as a migrant to the UK and one specifically for the Tier the student is applying to. So for instance, the student should complete one migrant form, and one Tier 4 General student form. The student can complete most forms online in the majority of countries, however students should note that they will still need to submit hard copies of their documents.

Other things to note

Students should check and double check over their application very thoroughly. The student will not get an opportunity to explain incorrectly submitted or missing documents to UKBA. If the student’s application is incorrect or incomplete it will be rejected. The most common reasons for visa rejection are:

  • If the student does not have sufficient maintenance fees
  • If the student does not submit the correct CAS
  • If the student has not paid the right fees to the school
  • If the supporting documents the student has provided are not translated
  • If they have not given the correct documents
  • If the student has applied too early (i.e. over six months before the course starts)