10 Things to know about A level results day and Clearing

According to UCAS, there are certain myths that circulate about results day and clearing EVERY YEAR! For this reason, they have compiled this handy list that helps to dispel those myths, allowing students to be armed with facts on what is bound to be a very eventful day!

Exam-results1) Track does NOT update at midnightThere is no point waiting for the stroke of midnight the night before. You will have absolutely no joy finding out about any of your applications before 8am on results day2) You will NOT see your A level results in TrackUCAS will not be providing you with your results, you need to come to us! Staff will be available to assist you throughout the day, so if you find yourself on the verge of freaking out, we'll be on hand to help!3) Clearing changes all the timeBecause universities update their own vacancies, they can disappear and reappear throughout Clearing. Changes are reflected in the vacancy search as soon as a course status is changed4) Universities CAN’T update ALL applications at the same timeAs you can imagine, things are likely to be very busy over at UCAS on results day! They don’t have a magic wand that will update all applications at once, but they will be doing their best to make sure things are done quickly5) You CAN apply for any course you are interested in during ClearingIf you’ve had a sudden change of heart in terms of what you wish to study, you can contact universities to ask about other courses. There are NO guarantees, but you are more than welcome to ask!6) Your Clearing number will appear in Track as soon as you’re in ClearingThis might sound like an obvious one, but you would be surprised how many applicants contact UCAS before this point. Your number is only generated when it is apparent that you are holding no offers7) You’re ONLY eligible for Clearing if you have no offersHave you been accepted by your firm or insurance choices? If the answer is yes, you are not automatically entitled to use Clearing. In some cases you may be able to, but to do so you will need to speak to the universities that have already made you offers. You need to inform them that you wish to use Clearing, letting go of any offers that have already been made 8) You CAN’T change your Personal StatementIf you have a change of heart regarding what you wish to study (see point 5!) universities may request that you write a new personal statement. Your new statement will need to be submitted directly to that university. 9) Clearing is NOT just for people with low exam results Whether offers have been declined or not received in the first place, there will be many reasons why applicants use Clearing. Some may have applied for very competitive courses, whilst others may have automatically qualified for Clearing depending on their application date10) There ARE good courses in Clearing!Don't write off Clearing because you think you won't find what you are looking for! Even some of the most popular courses can be found via the vacancy search, so don't lose hope.