Ashbourne College finish 6th in UKMT Maths Challenge!

Every year, the brightest and best mathematicians from across the country compete in the UKMT Team Maths Challenge. Our formidable team of Xiaoyu Weng, Jiazheng Zhu, Zheng Liu, and Fanzhi Su travelled to King's College London on Thursday 3rd December to take on the London regional finals. The competition itself consisted of three rounds; a group round of ten questions in forty minutes, a mathematical crossword round completed in pairs, and finally a tense shuttle relay round
The great hall was packed with thirty eight different teams from schools all over the South East, and the tension mounted as after the first round Ashbourne were announced to be jointly leading, scoring full marks. Our four mathematicians continued to perform excellently, scoring 59/60 in the second round and 51/60 in the third and final round. This gave the team a final score of 170/180. Unfortunately this was not quite enough to win the competition and qualify for the national finals; in the end three schools tied for first place in a hotly contested battle. The Ashbourne team finished an excellent 6th out of 38 teams, and did the College proud with their efforts.