Five tips you need to know before Mock Week! – Ashbourne College

Mock Week is just around the corner. This week is an opportunity for our students to get a feel of what it's like to be under real exam conditions. From the set up, to the arrival time, to preparing yourself, here are 5 tips that you NEED to know before Mock Week:
1. Study
Make a study plan for your exams. You shouldn't have to spend hours and hours studying the night before your exams. Study small quantities everyday. But make sure you start early so you have plenty of time to revise. Study as if this was the real thing! Make flash-cards and annotations, write out your study plan, use all the resources the college has to offer to help you and, most importantly... organise yourself!
2.  Plan your journey
Familiarise yourself with the location of where you are taking your exam. Study your journey time at least a week in advance. Always take into consideration any possible unforeseen circumstances (traffic, road blocks, train delays, weather conditions and alarms not going off in the morning). Set up several alarms, explore more than one way of getting from your house to the exam hall (bus, train, walking, taxi, bike) and allow yourself extra travel time, it's better to be very early than very late!
If you are going to be late, make sure you contact the college and let us know how long you'll be and why you are late.
3. Eat up!
Make sure you have a nice big breakfast before you take your exam. It's harder to think on an empty stomach. Studies show that eating breakfast improves concentration and performance in exams. Also, make sure you stay hydrated! You're allowed to bring a clear plastic water bottle into the exam, without any labels!
4. Know the Do's and Don'ts
You are only allowed to take into the exam rooms items which will be used for your exams.

Do bring a BLACK pen, pencil and eraser. You are allowed to bring them in a CLEAR pencil case.
You may use a calculator, unless told otherwise.
Do bring a clear plastic water bottle with you. Take off any labels.


Do not bring any notes or unauthorised items into the exam room.
Do not bring your phone, ipod, smart watch or any other electronic devices into the exam room.
Do not arrive late for your exams!

5. Relax!
Don't work too hard! Allow break times in between study sessions, don't get too nervous before your exam (Remember this is only a trial run! A chance for you to get the feel of a real exam!) and don't feel like you're under pressure. If at any point before your exams, you become too nervous or anxious, make sure you speak to someone. Our members of staff are here to help you reach your goals and potentials, but we also want you to feel safe and supported.
After your exams, you can unwind and blow off some steam in Laser Tag night, on Friday 16th of March. If you would like to attend, speak to Anisha on [email protected].