Staff Quiz!

April 8, 2019

Last week we held our annual Staff Quiz! This was a great opportunity for one last staff ‘get together’ before the exam season starts. There was an initial warm-up music round run by Dennis, followed by the main quiz which consisted of general knowledge and problem-solving questions. Thank you to all the staff who came out and participated, and a massive thank you to Sean Pillai for organising this event! Congratulations to the winning team Sean’s Jazzy Trousers.


Teams and scores below:

Sean’s Jazzy Trousers – 26/36 – Harry, Katie, Lauren, Maggie, Seema

No Chance – 24/36 – Glen, Hien, Huong, Lee, Marcus, Ruchi

Ken Dodd’s Dad’s Dog’s Dead – 22/36 – Anh, Chris Mutter, Chris Todd, Suzie, Fabio, Gerardo

James and the Gigant Peach – 21/36 – Dennis, Joanna, Ellie, Emma, Deidre

Will’s Wizards – 20/36 – Alberto, Georgina, Nancy, Ruggero, Rupinder, Sean Yip, Will