Need help coping with exams? Here’s what NOT to do!

It’s safe to say that exam season is now in FULL swing for anyone studying at an A level college in London or around the UK!
Everyone has their own way of dealing with the process, but if you’re doing any of the following things, you’re definitely doing it wrong!

Ashbourne College London Exam Stress
Don’t bury your head in the sand
Guess what? Your exams are happening, whether you like it or not! Whether you’re confident that you will pass with flying colours or terrified that you are under prepared, the fact is, come game time, you will have to face the music. Ignoring the fact that it’s happening won’t change the outcome. (Sorry!)
Don’t be too hard on yourself
Exam season is a stressful time for most A level college students. But if you know that you have done your absolute best to prepare yourself, it is better to trust in that knowledge. Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to take a break every now and again. Believe it or not, the breaks are just as important as the revision.

Don’t ignore the things that make you happy
Of course exams should be taken seriously, but the lead up to your exams does NOT have to be a fun-free zone! Denying yourself the things you really enjoy doing isn’t necessary. The key is to find balance, not new ways of punishing yourself! If you attend an A level college in London, look into the many amazing things that you can do around the city. Why not start with these parks: 10 great local parks in London
Don’t use caffeine to replace a good night’s sleep
Having a cup of coffee or energy drink for a boost every now and again is something that most of us are guilty of doing. Everything in moderation as they say! But caffeine is a VERY poor substitute for sleep. Eat a balanced diet, get plenty of rest and look after yourself. And if you’re curious about what happens when you study all night and drink energy drinks on an empty stomach, just Google “The Inbetweeners energy drinks”. It’s not pretty!
Don’t leave everything until the last minute and hope for the best
This is not like the movies. You won’t suddenly find that you’re able to cram everything at the last minute as if some dormant super power has suddenly revealed itself. As Archilochos once said “We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training”. If you’re expecting amazing results without the preparation to back it up, you’ll be in for a shock once that paper is in front of you.
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