Is it time for the UK government to be fairer to international students?

One of the best things about studying at an A level college in London is the fact that you have the opportunity to come into contact with many different cultures. Here at Ashbourne College, we absolutely love that we have created an environment that attracts students from all around the world. But once international students finish university, the UK government will soon have legislation in place stating that any work visas they wish to apply for must be done from their home countries. International students bring in an estimated £7 billion each year, which helps the UK economy substantially. So is it fair to 'ship them out' as soon as they gain their degree?
international students in the UK
The following article explores the challenges faced by international students, and looks at whether the governments plans to make our immigration system more efficient may end up being detrimental to the UK economy.
The challenges facing international A-Level college students in London