How to Get an A*/A – Tips and Advice from Ex-Ashers

In September, Ashbourne organised a webinar entitled "How to get an A*/A" in which we welcomed back some of our alumni to share their experience and hands-on advice on how to achieve the top grades at A level. The webinar was delivered to our Year 13 students who are preparing for their university (UCAS) applications and their A-level exams next summer.

This webinar was led by a panel of ten enthusiastic, high-achieving former Ashbourne students and attracted more than thirty attendants. Our Year 13 students were able to address questions directly to the panel, gaining first-hand experience from ex-Ashers who are now thriving in their respective majors at university. The panel represented diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests, with many of them completing different subject combinations during their time at Ashbourne. Now, the panel is currently undertaking undergraduate degrees ranging from English Literature to Engineering at some of the UK's top universities.
The panel consisted of the following ex-Ashers: 
Joy Adeogun - English, University of Cambridge
Lewis Andrews - English, University of Cambridge
Meena Bashier - Civil Engineering, Imperial College London
Anna Shmatenko - English, University of Cambridge
Lilian Nwosu - Medicine, King's College London
Lotte Ellemann - Psychology, University of Liverpool
Tracy Nwokoma - Global Health Policy, London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)
James Green - English, University of Manchester
This webinar covered ex-Ashers' stories on how they achieved the top grades, subject-specific study advice as well as useful tips for A-level revision and examinations.
The discussion focused on four aspects directly impacting students' academic journey in 2020/2021:

Effective Revision
Staying Afloat During the Pandemic
Effective Time Management
The UK University Application Process

Attendants were also encouraged to explore and take on the ideas of peer study groups, Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs) and tips for successful interviews. 
The webinar provided our students with valuable insight, practical tips and the opportunity to network with like-minded peers and alumni for ongoing support. Most of the advice can be implemented immediately and we feel this will have a real impact on their studies and preparation for their university applications.
The webinar was a great success and we have received some very positive feedback from the attendants. It was great to see so many of our ex-Ashers again and we are sure this event will be one of many more to come!
How to get A*A webinar_Ashbourne College_Feedback
"I felt that this webinar provided me with a strong sense of positivity, the main area being how to stay afloat during COVID-19. As I am personally having Online Distance Learning (ODL), the tips and advice were extremely helpful, and this, in turn, has made me feel very supported.
The effective revision, time management and university application aspects were also all very informative. It was great to hear the Ex-Ashers experience of A-Levels and how they coped with the stress levels and how to manage their time efficiently.
Overall, I feel this webinar was very successful as many of the points discussed were very relevant to us Year 13's at this specific time." - Leila Pacey
How to get A*A webinar_Ashbourne College_Feedback_2
"The advice given by the panel was clear, concise, and useful. I have found myself using the techniques they mentioned fairly regularly now in an attempt to improve my study routines. I've even begun using the "Forest: Stay Focused" app recommended by one of the speakers.
I think the webinar was a big success and I look forward to more like it being hosted this year and maybe next year for the next group of Year 13 students." - Antonio Fabio Mantegazza
"It was a very helpful insight into how year 13 students managed their studies in their years, especially the tips they gave on how to revise effectively and how to stay organised. I'm already using one of the tips they shared.
It was great to hear the experience that people had during COVID-19 and how they managed that. The panel didn't try to scare us about how hard year 13 is, but they were very realistic. And listening to someone who is successful and has already been through all this process was very inspiring." - Isabela de Almeida Rossi
We look forward to other academic-support events that will take place this year. Stay tuned on our blogs and social media for further updates!
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