Club Activities are starting this week !!!

Hope you're all well & enjoying the start of term. Wow! we've got lots of fun activities for a level students, and most of them are starting this week. Make the most of them; come to as many clubs as possible, and then decide what you're going to stick with. You never know, you might drop by Italian club and discover it changes your life. Drama club might suddenly release your inner actor. By gosh, you might even come to Fashion club and find yourself turning into the next big designer.

Ashbourne Activities
Ashbourne Activities
Ashbourne Activities

Club Activities Calendar and more information

We want to offer you clubs that will stimulate you & enrich your experience here. Grades are important, even crucial for a lot of your futures, but grades alone won't provide you with the ability to adapt, to work in a variety of mediums, & to immerse yourself in culture from experiencing life in all its complex & beautiful multiplicity.
So below is a roundup of what's going on this week also, a reminder that those of you who haven't brought signed consent forms back yet, please do so asap.

Clubs & Activities for A Level Ashbourne Students this week 23rd – 27th September

 Monday Lunchtime

French Club – O10

Monday After College

Ashbourne Singers – Meet at Reception

Tuesday Lunchtime

Latin Club – O10

Astro Particle Physics – Meet at Reception

Critical Theory – Media Room

Knit n Chil – Fashion Room

Tuesday After College

Fashion Club – Fashion Room

Football – Meet in Library

Wednesday Lunchtime

Japanese Club – O15

Bollywood – O4/O5

Creative Writing Chess – O3 – Y12

German Club – O10

The London Academy of Trading Seminar – Media Room

Wednesday After College

Tennis – Meet in Reception

Drama Trip – Othello at the National (A2 Drama Students only) – meet at Reception

Thursday Lunchtime

Spanish – O10

Friday lunchtime

Italian – O10

Debating – O4/O5

There is no Drama Club this week because there is a drama outing on Wednesday night.
Badminton will start next week (Thursday)
Film Club will start next week (Monday)
Italian Club will start next week (Monday)

Next Monday (30th) there will also be a street dancing taster session. We need as many people to come as possible. Everyone completely welcome.