Another great year for Ashbourne at the UK Bebras Computing Challenge!

Every year computer science students at Ashbourne participate in a Bebras Computing Challenge, which is sponsored by university of Oxford and companies like Google. At the beginning of 2016, only a select few of over 50,000 students were selected to go to Oxford, and Ashbourne’s Alex Vlasto made the top 3 at the end of the challenge!
Ashbourne students have done exceptional well again this time around, with one in particular Jiazheng Zhu really shining through.
In the Elite category (16 to 18 years), Dean, who is one of our A2 maths students, got 159 marks out of 200. This earned him the ‘Best in school’ certificate for his achievement. Khaled Naser, one of our AS computer science students, achieved the second highest mark and achieved a distinction.
In Senior category (14 to 16 years) Egemen Goktas scored the highest mark and will be also be awarded a ‘Best in school’ certificate.
This competition was far more challenging than the last, so we’re even more proud of our students for giving it their all and achieving excellent results. Look out for them all on the leaderboards very soon!