Applying to University: References

References are another important aspect of your university application. References are submitted through the UCAS website and are often written by an A level tutor or the head of your sixth form school.
Make sure that your reference is written by someone who knows you well and will write a glowing review. Your reference should be able to speak about your chosen course as well as your career aspirations. They should also know details about your performance in school and any personal achievements or circumstances that the university should be aware of.
The more specific details your reference has about your choice of course and future career plans the better! Meet with whoever you are asking to write your reference and discuss what you want from your university experience and why you think the specific courses are best for you.
The reference portal is done through the UCAS website, so once again it is best to submit your application as early as possible to give your referee more time. If you are applying through a school they will assist with the reference section and an individual at the school who knows you well will complete the reference letter. If you are applying as an individual you will need to input the correct name and email contact details for your reference. The UCAS reference letter can only be done online so make sure the person you are asking to write the letter will have access to the UCAS website.
You will not be able to read your reference letter, however, UCAS will notify you when the reference letter has been submitted.