Applying to University: Subject Tables

Many League Tables subdivide the universities based on subjects. This can be another useful tool for A level students to compare universities and will also give them an idea of which universities will be extremely competitive for specific courses.
Most Subject League Tables use the same data as the League Table, but may compile the results in a slightly different form. For example, the Complete University Guide League Tables uses the same data as the main University League Tables but only uses four out of the nine measures:

Student Satisfaction
Research Assessment
Entry Standards
Graduate Prospects

(For more information on the specifics of each of these measures refer back to the League Table blog post.)
As with the League Table, it is important to remember that each of these measures is only possible to consider within a larger context. Student satisfaction, for example, is compiled from final year student opinions and can be quite biased. Students who have similar experiences may rate the university differently based on whether they had low or high expectations before arriving. These numbers are therefore not a direct measurement of the quality of the school and require further research.