Ashbourne College art students win big at ‘Art on Show’ competition

July 22, 2017

We are proud to announce that three of Ashbourne’s talented artists have been awarded prizes from Kensington and Chelsea’s Schools ‘Art on Show’ competition. Mai Doud, Elena Biryula and Armand Daniaud are Fine Art students that range dynamically in style and approach, and it’s this array of artwork which is a perfect example of the genuine creativity and individuality that characterises Ashbourne’s Art Department. From London Cityscapes to Dystopian expressions of Isolation, our students have managed to stand out with their own individual interests and ideas.

The competition annually invites students aged 3-18 from the local Borough’s schools and colleges to submit their work to a judging panel. This affords the possibility of winning a prize for their age category or receiving one of the sponsored prizes, put forward by local art schools and galleries.

The successful participants have their work framed to exhibit at The Tabernacle, offering a fantastic opportunity for our young artists to ignite professional connections with local businesses and galleries. Furthermore, beyond the opportunity to win a prize, the competition opens the door to an ‘Art on Loan’ programme. Ashbourne has a history of success at this event, as with last years’ Amy Hyam who went on to loan her painting to South Kensington Estate, who later decided to buy it. Amy was accepted to study at The Ruskin School or Art, and we are incredibly proud!

This year, Mai Doan was awarded first prize from the Park Gallery for drawing and painting. The prize is awarded to pupils whose work exhibits strength of draughtsmanship, composition and handling of media. Her piece, ‘Venice Markets’ was also selected to enrol in the the Art on Loan programme, and will be loaned to a local business for a year.

Venice Markets by Mai Doan - Ashbourne A level College London

‘Venice Markets’ by Mai Doan

Armand Daniaud was awarded the City and Guilds of London Art School Prize, which aims to encourage students to consider progressing into further education in the arts. It also offers Armand the opportunity of a bespoke tour around the City and Guilds Art School and use of their print room.

Artwork by Armand Daniaud - Ashbourne A level College London

Artwork by Armand Daniaud

Our third Prize winner, Elena Biryula, not only received ‘highly commended’ for her painting, but this escalated on to her work being requested to go on loan to a local business.

'London Skyline' by Elena Biryula - Ashbourne A level College London

‘London Skyline’ by Elena Biryula

We are incredibly proud of our students for their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck with their continuing journey as young flourishing artists.