Ashbourne Allstars trials – What does it take to make the team?

The Ashbourne Allstars ended last season at the top of the league, which is a tough act to follow. With trials taking place soon to see who makes the cut, what are managers Fabio Carpene and Steve Balogun expecting from these new hopefuls?
The Allstars train every Thursday, and play a game against a fellow league team every Tuesday. Although training will be fairly rigorous in itself, players will also be expected to maintain their own fitness. Trials will put them all through their paces, and help Fabio and Steve to assess who is already on the right track.
As the saying goes, there is no ‘I’ in team. Part of what made the Allstars so successful last season is the fact that they worked well together as a cohesive unit. Nobody is bigger than the team, and each player must be able to demonstrate that they are willing to work towards what is best for everyone
Being part of a winning team is hard work, so players must be willing to put the time in. Should they make the cut, they will be expected to make training every week or risk losing their spot. Special exceptions are made for those who are physically unable to train due to illness or injury.
Commitment to study
We ask that all players are dedicated to the team, but that does not mean allowing their studies to fall by the wayside! Players must be applying effort in all areas to continue being an Allstar.. Tutors will get in touch with Fabio very quickly if academic performance is not up to scratch!
It’s about having fun!
Although we expect hard work and dedication from each player, it’s also important to have fun. Sure, we want to win. But what’s the point of winning without a little enjoyment along the way?