More Leighton House art prizes for Ashbourne College students!

Amidst the chaos of exam season, this time of year is always very special for art students at Ashbourne College.
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea holds an annual ‘School Art Competition’ at Leighton House, which celebrates artwork produced by students from local schools. This year has been yet another fantastic year for us, as Ashbourne College students have scooped a few of the prizes!
Congratulations to Amy Hyam, who won the Park Gallery Prize for Drawing and Painting 1st prize for her portrait piece. Not only did Amy secure one of the top prizes, her work has also been selected to go out on loan to a local business for the next 6 months!
Ashbourne College London - AH Leighton House Prize
Muxue Li is another student who produces consistently outstanding work. For the second year in a row, she has won the Leighton House Art prize, this time, for her piece 'After the Party', an interpretation of a girl after a party. Well done Muxue!
Ashbourne College London - ML - Leighton House Prize
A special mention goes to and Philippa O’Connor and Stewart Barrow who were also nominated.
Philippa displayed imagination and creativity for her 'Northern Lights' piece, which used weaving as a technique
Ashbourne College London - PC - Leighton House Prizes
Stewart’s piece 'Almost Digital Flowers' was created using ink. The ink gave the illusion of a digital floral picture, which is an incredibly tricky technique to master by hand! Well done Stewart!
Ashbourne College London - SB - Leighton House