Ashbourne College trip to see WICKED at London’s Apollo Theatre!

On the 19th November, a group of Ashers went on a wonderful trip to defy gravity at the Victoria Apollo theatre – the spectacular production of Wicked!
Ashbourne College London trip to see Wicked
The hype for this trip had been pretty substantial, and a varied group of students (and staff!) showed interest in going. For most, it was their first time experiencing multiple award winning phenomenon that is Wicked, and so it was in high spirits that we set off on the bus to travel down to the theatre.
Well, what can we say about the show itself? It was absolutely incredible! The acting was superb, the music was flawless, the dancing and the costumes were breathtaking. Of course, last but not least, the singing was absolutely outstanding. The general consensus of the main actress (who played Elphaba) was “where on earth does that voice come from?!” Everyone left at the end of the night dazzled by the overall brilliance of the whole production. It truly was a night to remember, and a great experience for everyone involved. This will definitely be a repeat trip for next year!