Ashbourne College Retake Results 2019

“My A-level journey was not a traditional one. I didn't perform as expected the first time i completed my AS and A2s. As a result I ended up doing human biology at Manchester Metropolitan. I realised very quickly that this was completely the wrong place for me. I wish that when I first did my A2s, i would have known the consequences of not doing enough work. So in terms of motivation, I would keep that in the back of your mind. After the first term at Manchester Met, I dropped out to retake at Ashbourne. I worked as hard as I could for 6 months to get the results I needed. In order to do as well as you can, the middle of January is when you really need to start working. The next 6 months, which you will quickly come to realise is a very small and insignificant amount of time in the long run, are some of the most important in your life. If you get the results you want, you will get into your university of choice and have some of the best experiences you've ever had and meet some incredible people.”

Theo Kemp 
Biochemistry at Bristol 
From AAA
Ashbourne College has successfully offered A level retake courses and one year A level courses since its inception more than thirty years ago. Retakes can help change a student's educational path.
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