Ashbourne College trip to see Michael McIntyre!

On the 21st October 2015, Ashbourne had its first open evening of the year. It was a great success, with many families attending and hopefully a lot of prospective Ashers! Many of our wonderful students gave up their time after their lessons had finished in order to help us to pull off the whole evening without a hitch.
Ashbourne A level College trip to see Michael McIntyre
The very next day, many of those same tired but very excited students returned again after their classes, but this time for a decidedly more comical evening – a trip to watch the wonderful British comedian Michael McIntyre!
We journeyed together to Wembley, spending the tube journey chatting about our respective favourite sketches, and wondering which ones he would crack out tonight. Upon arrival, we headed straight to our seats, settled down and laughed politely at his support act, until 9pm arrived and on came the man of the hour – Michael McIntyre himself.
Ashbourne College trip to see Michael McIntyre
His whole set was exhaustingly funny. Everyone laughed until they cried, at his old jokes and his new ones. The home students (who were already long time fans) would occasionally pause to explain jokes to the international students, but even those for whom English is not their first language agreed that his easy to relate to style of comedy seldom left them feeling out of the loop.
All in all, the night was a true success, probably one of Ashbourne’s most popular trips so far this term. However, if you did miss out on this one don’t worry, as there are still many more to look forward to!