Hello Ashers! We are starting this issue of the Newsletter with some exciting news:
Revue DVD
The Revue DVD is out! If you want to see what you have missed, or relive this amazing evening, then ask for your copy in reception! Price: £10 (£5 for those who participated in the Revue).
 Go Karting!

Challenge your friends and the members of staff on Wednesday 29th January after College.
Feeling down? It might be the 'Second Term Blues'
Here are some tips to make it through the blues.
Volunteering with Oxfam (Earl's Court)

Earl's Court Oxfam Shop are looking for volunteers to help throughout the week after school and at the weekends. You could be part of a diverse team and learn vital skills through work. Doing charity work can be part of doing the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, great for University/Job Applications and a really good life experience.
If you are interested or want to learn more, you can send an email to Eleanor at [email protected], or pop into the shop.
 Liverpool FC football management course 

Steve, our beloved football coach, is offering to organise a management course with Liverpool FC - provided there is enough interest.
The course aims to examine the transferable skills between business and sport, and covers the following topics:
1.      Managing and Leading Self
2.      Leadership in Organisation
3.      Talent Spotting and High Performance Teams
4.      Strategy Design and Implementation
The price would vary between £275 (if the course takes place in Ashbourne) and £495 (in Liverpool).
If you are interested or want to know more about this, see Steve (most of the time in the YS reception)!
 A message from UCAS:
Issue with Track applicant notification emails

There has been an issue recently where some applicants have received multiple emails saying something has changed in Track. However, when they log in there does not appear to have been an update. We have turned off all email notifications while we investigate the issue and will provide more information when it is available.
That's all for this week, look out for more in the next Ashbourne Newsletter!!