Ex Ashbourne Student Talks About His Experience at St George’s Medical School

We love hearing about how ex students are settling into university life, so when Long Nguyen got in touch to tell us about how he was finding life at St George's Medical School, we just had to share!

"St George's is amazing when it comes to teaching, especially for anatomy. We have some amazing anatomy lecturers here who always speak with inspiration about their speciality, especially neuroanatomy, reproductive and musculoskeletal systems.
We have lecture notes for about 60% of the lectures; about 95% printed lecture slides and also recordings so that students can listen to them again if they have missed anything.
Placement wise, in the first two years, we only have a few places with 2 weeks of hospital placement in each semester, and about three GP visits with one family visit. GP placements are always good and eye opening. You have to be active and ask the doctors what you could do or which patient you can talk to in order to make the best use of the placement.
Nurse shifts are really helpful as you get to do stuff, talk directly to the patients and you can see the small difference that you make to the patient's life, so it is quite rewarding and interesting.
Student life is amazing. Thanks to St George's, I have got the chance to join different societies and do different paid jobs where I get to practice my interpersonal, communication, teamwork & leadership skills. Thus, it is really amazing and I just love it!!!!"
Long Nguyen
Long is doing a 30km charity walk with a team on Sunday 27th April, organised by St George's Amnesty Society. All the money raised will be donated to the Global Air Project (Human Care Syria), who are building a hospital in memory of Dr Abbas Khan, a British doctor who was detained, tortured and killed after selflessly offering his services to provide essential medical care to those suffering in Syria. The hospital is to support people in Syria who have been suffering from the Syrian conflict.
You can sponsor Long and his team here: George's Walk for Syria
We are thrilled that Long is doing so well and wish him all the best for the future!