Ashbourne’s Success in the UKMT Senior Team Mathematics Challenge

Students and their UKMT awards

Ashbourne’s reputation as one of London’s leading maths schools has been enhanced by our students’ success in national competitions.  This month our team were runners-up in the UKMT Senior Team Mathematics Challenge (West London regional heat).  West London is quite a region to compete in, as it contains some of Britain’s most highly ranked schools, such as St Paul's and Eton College, which faced a stiff challenge from Ashbourne’s team.  
Our students Adele, Joonhee, Qiran and Yushang won our own school round in order to represent Ashbourne at the event, where they were divided into two pairs, performing a series of related problems and tasks under intense time pressure.  Together, the students scored an impressive 174/186.  They were only three points behind the eventual regional heat winners St Paul's and beat Eton College into third place.  We await the results of other heats, but there is an excellent chance that our students will qualify as strongest runners-up for entry into the national final.