Backstage at the Ashbourne Revue

December 16, 2016

The revue has been an essential part of Ashbourne’s history, as it offers the opportunity for the numerous talents present within the college to be showcased. This year, the revue includes acts that range from jaw dropping musical performances to captivating dramatic pieces and dance.

Going behind the scenes- where the nerves are still relaxed and smiles still spontaneous- I get some insight into the feelings of a few performers in this year’s revue, as well as their opinions on the show. Technical rehearsals before the show are essential to ensure the smooth running of the event, because ‘to be forewarned [about technical mishaps] is to be forearmed’, innit? Although no arms were legit involved.

Ashbourne Revue - Backstage 1

Behind the lovely performances you see on stage, are empty packets of cough sweets for the singers, sore fingers for the instrumentalists and a waste bin to throw all anxiety and nerves into, ahead of the actual event. The Bollywood group this year, repeatedly practised behind the scenes- and boy did they flex those muscles! Jointless Body and waist movements that got me wondering if bones really do exist within the human body.

Ashbourne Revue 2016 - Backstage 2

I asked Stephanie who is Ashbourne’s Activities co-ordinator and Sean (math- teacher-turned-bollywood-coach and fashion show model, he is also the Go Karting Champion of 2016) about their take on this year’s revue, and here is what they had to say:

Steph: “This year is a good year because we are ahead of schedule… we have some mad talented students this year. We have a totally new fashion show… taken over by a student and vintage themed!”

Sean: “It’s really nice having everyone here, showing off their talents. Steph looks nice, and I’ve got the best jumper here”. Okay Sean, if you do say so yourself!

Ashbourne Revue 2016 - Backstage 1

Ashbourne Revue 2016 - Backstage 3

I also had word with Aimee Martino who joined Ashbourne this year, and has been in a few musicals . She is scheduled to perform twice at the revue.

She says: “ I will be performing alongside three amazing string players … I’ve met some new people, made new friends and the revue shows how many people at Ashbourne have great talents… I think it is important to keep the creative juices flowing”

Ashbourne Revue 2016 - Backstage 4

Deanna, an ex-Asher also shared similar sentiments as she says this concerning the revue this year:

“It’s very student focused. The revue goes through phases… this year is mostly singing, next year will be something different”

The final student interview I had was with Revna, who was scheduled to perform ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ by Susan Boyle. Between smiles and gasps, she had this to say:

“I have been performing in the west end show since I was six (*insert jaw drop*). I think the revue is gonna be good, we have music and drama acts, etc. I think music and drama students should always stick together… in our creative bubble!”

The drama acts this year are also very entertaining and infused with music! I was also excited when I watched the rehearsal between two students Verena and Arthur as they had a Piano vs Violin face off.

Did I hear someone say ‘show off’?

These and many more back stage acts give credit to the notion that ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance!’ I quite like the sound of many P’s actually. Pizza. Porridge. Pop corn. Pan cake. Popular. One’ P’ word for the revue? Phenomenal.

You can see more pictures from the night on our Facebook page: Ashbourne College Revue 2016