Couldn’t make laser tag? Here’s what you missed!

No, this is not an excerpt from Star Wars or some blockbuster. This is something that was said a couple of times (read: ‘a lot’), in the recently concluded Laser tag game organized by Ashbourne.
Perks of being an Asher include having the opportunity to engage in fun social activities, that help build stronger social relations within the college – the laser tag game was no exception.
Ashbourne College Laser Tag 17 - 1
The night started out with pre-action games such as air hockey, a couple of video games and indoor basketball arcade games.
Those activities helped spur the adrenaline action in some of the students, and this high energy was carried into the Infrared war (I really feel Laser tag should be called that instead).
The questionable excitement to shoot people with infrared laser beams, or to just “kill everyone” was unbelievable.
From the aggressive red team, to the friendly green team, it was a night to remember.
The red team won all three games – whoop whoop! They were all tall and destructive as opposed to the gentler green team, and it was clear that they did not come to play; they came to slay!
Some members of the red them went right up to the green teammates, stood in front of them and started shooting their target boxes, like treats would eventually fall out of the boxes.
Lee (who was on the red team) was running behind students and taking revenge from those who were being late or absent to school, not giving in homework on time as it were.
Ashbourne College Laser Tag Jan 17 - 2
“Watch out, Grenade!”
The green team was full of people who just wanted to have fun, despite the fact that they shot their teammates a couple of times, but they were smart enough to find some excellent hiding spots. Most of them were mostly "camping" the first two games, but when things got real in the third and final game, they all exploded, and went onto grenade mode!!!
Orders flying in the air, obstacle jumps and maze fights, heavy breathing and excited humans, it was the ultimate battle!
The experience was without a doubt a wonderful one for Ashbourne's students and staff that participated, and provided an opportunity for wholesome association outside of school.
Ashbourne constantly organizes these types of activities, so if you need that little bit of spice to cheer you up, or want some time out from studying, sign up for the forth-coming events and have the pleasure of meeting new people and having “forever and a day a great experience”.
All activities are organized by Stephanie Cooke, and are guaranteed to give students an enjoyable time with some laughter with their schoolmates and members of staff.
Ashbourne College Laser Tag Jan 2017 - 3