Couldn’t make our recent Laser Tag trip? Here’s what you missed!

Our recent Laser Tag trip has been described as one of the best Ashbourne trips yet! If you missed out, here's a run down of what happened by our very own Charlie McHoul...
Ashbourne College London - Laser Tag trip 1
On Wednesday the 23rd March, a handful of our very own daredevil Ashers went head to head in an all out war to come out victorious as the Laser Tag Champions!
Here were the Teams:
On Team Red – Team Captain – Charlie M, Kiet P, Talitha L, Elijah P, Maria Villamil and Eddie
On Team Green – Team Captain Maria, Alex B, Lucas B, Mikhail K, Jamie G and Lee K
Ashbourne College Laser Tag trip - 2
The first round was intense, as we had absolutely no idea what the layout of the room was. There were short corridors, twists and turns, barricades and even another level up above on either side of the room. The Red team held out strong for the first half, but were then completely overrun by attacks from the Greens. The Greens won the round by a long shot.
Ashbourne College London- Laser Tag Trip 3
The Second round was much the same, but a closer fought battle. Lee was completely untouched in the second round by any lasers, very impressive. And my over usage of the grenade mod and the automatic mod did not help one bit. The Greens won once again.
Ashbourne College London Laser Tag Trip 4
The third and final round summed up the whole trip. Once again, the greens dominated the offense, but the strong red team did not go down without a fight, but we still went down. The Greens won the title.
Ashbourne College London - Laser Tag trip 5
Overall the experience was absolutely breath taking and fantastic; being shut in a big dark room with disco lights beaming bursts of colour all over the place. At the end of the day it all came down to fantastic teamwork from the Green team, and from the Red. The moral of the story is, don’t mess with Lee when it comes to Laser Tag!