Dealing With Exam Stress

The exam period can be a very stressful time. Your countless hours of hard work have all been leading to it, so it is natural to feel a little anxious. The following tips are to help you keep stress levels to a minimum whist striving to achieve your best results.

Get organised
Fumbling around trying to find things at the last minute will only add to any anxiety you are feeling. Make sure you are familiar with your exam timetable and pack everything you need in your bag the night before.
Remember to eat well
Going into an exam hungry can mean that you focus more on your empty stomach than you do on your exam paper! Avoid eating anything too heavy, but make sure whatever you do eat is a good source of energy, especially for longer exams.
As with your revision, relaxation plays a big part when it comes to your actual exams. Use the time right before your exam to relax. If you are well prepared you will have nothing to worry about. Be confident in your ability to achieve the best possible results. If you are not prepared, trying to cram information in at the last minute is unlikely to help. Just be sure to have a better plan for next time.
Once you are allowed to start, take a few minutes to look through your paper. It is good to know what lies ahead of you so that you can plan your time accordingly. This is also a good way to avoid being too surprised by something you didn’t expect.
Check your answers, and then check them again!
Don’t let careless errors ruin what you have worked so hard to prepare for. Allow yourself a few minutes to check your answers so that you are confident you have done your best.
And when it’s over…..
Try not to dwell on it too much. We all have moments when we consider what we could have done differently. Accept that you have done all that you can do and await your results!