Studying Classics at Ashbourne College is never boring!

Sometimes it can be difficult to make studying classics fun. Thankfully, our Classic teacher George Chaldesoz had a fantastic imagination and has done wonders with engaging A2 students this term!
Ashbourne College London - Roman Comedy Project
To kick off their Roman Comedy project, students are studying Plautus' The Twins, the moder for Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors and Sondheim's A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum. In George's own words, "Classics can be as dry as dust off the yellowing page" so decided to inject a bit of laughter and spontaneous play with the use of masks!
George made the play come alive, giving A2 students immediate insights into the Roman actors' troupe. They can now answer questions from the viewpoint of staging. The next task will be to customise the masks to reflect stock characters (clever slave, courtesan etc), and eventually the play reading will be transformed into play acting!