GCSE trip to the Science Museum

Our GCSE Biology students had a fantastic time at the Science Museum last week. This is what some of them thought of the trip overall.
"I think the Science Museum was a fun place to visit, and we learned so much about engineering. We also learned about the human body. I would recommend people go there" - Alhussain Alhamadani

GCSE Science Museum Trip 1

"I think it was a fun experience going to the Science Museum. I've learned new things about our surroundings and how everything from our body to machines actually work. I recommend everyone, especially families visit the Science Museum" - Muhd Izzan Ahmad Faisal

GCSE Science Museum Trip 2

"I think that going to the Science Museum was very useful. It made us think and learn many new things. For example, we played some quizzes and did some written exercises. It was a very nice experience and I would love to go again" - Ingrid Bokan
GCSE Science Museum Trip 3

"The museum is pretty much all interactive so it gets your attention quickly. We did some tests which told us about our personalities and other new things. I enjoyed it!" - Dasha Naydysheva
GCSE Science Museum Trip 4

"I genuinely enjoy when we go on a trip as a class because you really get to spend time with your friends and teacher, and learn and enjoy your time in a different atmosphere' - Burouj Cevahir

"I think the trip to the Science Museum was a really good trip because there were a lot of games so it's easy to learn many things" - Emilie Bonnin

GCSE Science Museum Trip 5