Get ready for the END OF YEAR AWARDS!

It's almost that time of year again!
Although it's always sad to say goodbye to our year 13s, we make sure they are given one heck of a send-off!
So what can our lucky students expect on the evening in question? Well, a 3 course meal, a chocolate fountain, a DJ and lots of dancing, that's what! It's a great chance for them to let their hair down amidst all the stress of exam season, and the perfect time to say goodbye to fellow students who they may miss in the blur of revision and fretting!
Ashbourne College End of Year Awards
The awards take place on the last day of the summer term, on Friday 27th May from 7pm. We'll be finishing up early on that day so that students and staff have a chance to get themselves dolled up!
The Copthorne Tara Hotel Scarsdale Place, London. This hotel is just a short walk from college and next door to where the last event was held!
Who is invited?
This event is exclusively? for year 13 students and Ashbourne staff. Sorry year 12 and GCSE students. but your time will come!
Dress code
Seeing as this will be the last event they attend as students, we want them to go ALL OUT! As with previous years, we have implemented a formal / black tie dress code for this event, which has been a real hit in the past! Check out some of the pictures from last year's awards: End of Year Awards 2015
What to expect
As well as good food, good company and some dancing, it wouldn't be much of an awards event without some actual awards, would it?! Students can look forward individual faculty awards being presented, as well as some more light hearted ones. Here's what went down last time around: End of Year Awards 2015 - The Winners
Students should also expect to hear some very heartfelt speeches on the night. As well as being a night of fun, emotions are sure to run high. so be sure to bring some tissues!