Imprisoned by Love, a debut novel by C. S. Brahams

We are thrilled to share that Catherine Brahams, former Vice Principal at Ashbourne College, 2003 to 2006, has published her first novel, Imprisoned by Love.

Imprisoned by love
Imprisoned by Love is a compelling and dramatic debut novel about a successful and happily married woman whose life is thrust into turmoil when her husband, forty-nine-year-old Michael, is diagnosed with early onset dementia. Imprisoned by Love raises topical questions about how our society treats people with the illness; how they invariably lose their jobs either before or after the diagnosis and how vulnerable both the person with dementia is just as his or her partner is too. Both people have to surrender themselves to an unfamiliar and foreboding plethora of medical appointments that are both intrusive and unsettling. There is no cure for any type of dementia. This novel gives the reader an insight into an ordinary woman's mid-life crisis as both she and her husband's life spiral out of control.
Catherine’s novel, though a work of fiction, was inspired by a close friend's battle with the illness and how this affected her both at home and at work.
Catherine has more than twenty-five years’ experience in teaching and senior management in the private sector. She was also a school inspector for ten years and has worked for both English Heritage and Bonhams Auctioneers. Catherine currently works as an educational consultant and is a governor for an independent girls’ school in London where she lives.
Imprisoned by Love by C. S. Brahams is available at all bookshops in the UK.
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