The second fateful Go Karting session took place on Saturday. This track in the Docklands was far superior to the first one in Bermondsey: petrol karts and a longer track meant that overtaking and blocking became a new element in the Go Karting experience. Representing the staff this time were Lee, Huy, Steve and the guest appearance (would this be the staff’s secret weapon)…Mike Kirby.

The whole Go Karting experience at Ashbourne had been in a state of tension since the highly controversial session two weeks ago in which both Lee Kirby and Justin left extremely unhappy and exhausted by the whole affair. Who would win? Would Lee conclusively secure staff superiority? Would Justin be able to overthrow both of his arch rivals Lee and Sebastian? Would Mike Kirby save the day?

No. No. And no.
After a grueling competition the results were as follows:
First Place – Tommy
Second Place – Alex
Third Place – Lee Kirby
Yet again, Justin Vallis failed to make a dent in the scoreboard or a name for himself. He did indeed beat Sebastian, which he desperately wanted to do.
Tommy seems to have been the most consistent driver. Having drifted into fourth place from a leading position in the early stages, his sheer determination saw him through to the gleaming victory. Lee thinks Tommy’s sportsmanship won the day. It shouldn’t be glossed over that Alex Popov was a constant threat and achieved the fastest lap of the day.
In typical controversial fashion, Lee and Justin were playing dirty: Lee blocking Justin from being able to overtake, a strategy he now admits ‘I was cheating’, and Justin bumping into Lee, which Lee describes as detrimental to his body saying, even now, two days later ‘I’m exhausted’. The Go Karting Saga remains in a state of tension and suspension until next year.