Kensington Court transformation: Before and after

As one of the best A level colleges in London, we believe that keeping our premises looking fresh and up to date means a much better experience all round! Our IT and premises manager Fabio worked around the clock over the summer with a dedicated team of builders to make sure our renovations were completed on time.
Just in case you didn't know how much work had taken place, take a look at these pictures!Reception - BEFOREIMG_20140620_114041Reception - AFTERWe've removed the door at reception and turned the desk around to make it much more welcoming!

KC21 - BEFOREIMG_20140620_114143KC21 - AFTERKC21 was already an amazing space, but with the addition of skylights it's even better! Our drama students now benefit from having much more natural light to work with and they love it!

KC21KC22KC21 has now been separated into 2 rooms, and KC22 is the separate kitchen area

KC14 - BEFOREIMG_20140620_114214KC14 - AFTEROnce jokingly referred to as the 'dark room, we've moved things around to make this room much more spacious.