King’s Law Workshop next 26th February

The King's Workshop is an inter-school, interactive program which gives students a detailed insight on pursuing Law as an undergraduate degree. The workshop will be divided into 4 main sessions, which are:

1. UCAS, LNAT, & Careers Session
2. Taster sessions of university subjects, namely Criminal Law, Tort Law, Intellectual Property Law, Human Rights Law and Contract Law. This would involve an overview of the subject with a problem question involving a set of facts in a case.
3. Mooting Session which would involve a demonstration moot from some of our university’s top mooters
4. Critical Thinking and Current Affairs Session
It is designed so that the students get a real taste of what a law degree is like, the skills they will gain and what challenges they can expect; while the university also sets out and explain the requirements a student's application should meet.
To sign up, contact Jai or Astrid at reception