Lansdowne beat Ashbourne Allstars 2-1

The season hasn’t started quite how the Allstars had hoped. After a disappointing match against CATS College last week, it was all to play for this week as they faced Lansdowne. In the words of coach Carpene, here’s how the game played out….
Team Line-up
Clarke - Goalkeeper
Bassem - Defender
Arman Defender
Adrian Von Boettinger - Midfielder
Aidan - Midfielder
Alex - Midfielder
Bader - Midfielder
Marwan - Striker
Joe - Sub
The Allstars went into this game having lost 2-0 last week to CATS College and looking for a good reaction against Lansdowne College.
The Allstars started brightly, but struggled to make the all important final pass going forward. Lots of possession and movement had us dominating the play. But, in what has become a common theme this season, a lack of desire and discipline when not in possession of the ball led to a soft goal for Lansdowne to take the lead 1-0.
The Allstars dug in deep and began to play out from the back with Clarke, Bassem and Arman starting off attacks, but play was breaking down in midfield as the ball was not being moved quick enough. The team kept plugging away with Bader, Aidan, Marwan and Adrian combining to finally get Alex free behind the Lansdowne defensive line and a fantastic finish put the Allstars level 1-1.
The Allstars immediately let themselves down and after conceding a corner, a lack of communication led to a Lansdowne player being completely free in the box to slot home from 2 yards out.
The half time teamtalk was a very tough one. We questioned their commitment and desire to win the game and to fight for each other on the pitch. They have no trust in each other and play too much like individuals. We wanted a reaction in the second half.
The Allstars started the 2nd well and dominated the half in terms of possession and chances. They threw everything at the Lansdowne defence but couldn’t quite create the clear cut chance that was needed to get back into the game.
We were impressed with their 2nd half showing and look forward to the boys bringing this attitude into the next game vs MPW next week.